Absolute Accommodations for Luxury Apartment Rentals in Paris & London

Whether you are vacationing, or having a short business stay in Europe, renting an apartment is an excellent option. This is often the best way to get acquainted with the culture of a city such as Paris, in spacious and comfortable surroundings not usually found in smaller European hotel rooms. Read More


What to Do in Paris That's Really Different?

Paris is a wonderful city to visit, and many people enjoy traveling there repeatedly. When returning for the third-or-fourth time, and arranging your own Paris vacation rentals for a week, or longer, you may wonder what else you cando, beyond visiting the "usual" locations, and activities. Read More


How to Discover Major Sporting Events in Paris

Paris is known for its incredible architecture, fashion sense and a shopping extravaganza to keep you busy for every day of your stay. As you consider an inviting Paris apartment for rent, you can choose when to stay by selecting your favorite sporting event.Read More